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10 Trending Nursery Bedroom Decorating Ideas



white nursery with rocking horse - nursery bedroom decorating ideas

Nursery Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Cool Parents Like You

Hey there, Super Parents!

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your tiny human! Prepping for baby means more than just late-night food runs and practicing the "rock-a-bye" motion. The nursery is like your child's first little universe, and guess what? You get to be the master decorator! Yes, this may sound daunting, but fear not! We're about to dive into some easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy nursery decorating ideas.

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Picking a Theme

Remember when you picked your team for the school's dodgeball game? Picking a theme is way more fun and less stressful. Consider:

Classic Storybook: Paint a world of "Once upon a time" and "They lived happily ever after". Bonus points if you throw in a dragon (the friendly kind, of course) or a magic beanstalk.

Jungle Safari: Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Okay, maybe bears don't live in the jungle, but who's counting? We're creating our jungle here.

Starry Night: Moon, stars, planets. Perfect for the budding astronaut or the baby who's already "out of this world". See what I did there?


Color, Color on the Wall

Remember the days when blue was for boys and pink was for girls? Well, throw that out the window! Today’s baby rooms are all about breaking those color boundaries. Try:

Pastels: Soft greens, lilacs, and peaches. Calm for the baby, calming for you when you’re on your third sleepless night.

Bold: If you're feeling adventurous, why not a splash of sunshine-yellow or a touch of teal? You might just raise a future Picasso!


Functional Yet Fancy Furniture

Yes, the crib is like the bed of honor, but there are other furniture pieces you'd need:

Rocking Chair: Great for feeding, reading, or those moments when you eat ice cream and ponder the meaning of life, while the baby's asleep.

Changing Table: Pro tip: Get one with storage. For, you know, all the tiny clothes, tiny shoes, and not-so-tiny collection of diapers.

Shelves: Because where else will you keep the 1001 baby books you're bound to collect?


Let’s Light it Up!

Nightlights: For late-night check-ins or the stealth mode diaper changes. Choose one with a soft glow; not too bright, not too dim. Like Goldilocks’ porridge, it needs to be just right!

Funky Lamps: Adds character to the room. And by the time your kiddo's in preschool, they'll believe their lamp once belonged to a wizard.

The Hatch Rest+ Baby & Kids Sound Machine is perfect for ensuring sweet dreams. This 2nd gen device is more than just a night light; it doubles as an alarm clock and toddler sleep trainer. With features like time-to-rise, white noise, and bedtime stories, it's every parent's dream tool. Plus, its portability and backup battery make sure it's ready whenever you need it.


The Floor is Lava… or just really comfy!

Rugs: They can be fluffy, patterned, or even shaped like animals. Perfect for tummy time, playtime, or, in your case, nap time.


Let’s Talk Walls

Wall Decals: Easy to stick, and they come off without ruining your paint job. Unicorns, rainbows, or trucks? The world's your oyster.

Interactive Walls: Chalkboard paint, anyone? Let your baby's first doodles be on the wall. And don’t worry, this is the only time they’re allowed to draw on walls. Maybe remind them of that when they’re a toddler.

Personalized Custom Wood Name Sign: Make your room special with the customized and personalized custom wood name sign! Perfect for baby rooms or any room in the house. Pick your size and style to make it just right for you.


Green Thumbs and Green Rooms

Plants: They freshen the air and bring in a touch of nature. Opt for baby-friendly plants like spider plants or Boston ferns. Remember, baby might think the plant is a snack. Choose wisely!


Safety First, Second, and Always!

As you decorate, remember:

Secure heavy furniture to the wall.

Keep tiny decorative items away. Babies have this knack for thinking everything is edible.


Memories on Display

Remember the ultrasound picture where the baby looked like an adorable alien? Or the first pair of shoes you bought? Frames, shadow boxes, or even simple strings with clips can make for a great memory lane.


Keep it Personal

Lastly, but most importantly, add a personal touch. Whether it's a family heirloom, a quilt your grandma made, or a goofy drawing by a sibling, it's these personal touches that make the nursery uniquely your baby's.


pink and blush nursery with crib and decor - nursery bedroom decorating ideas

10 Trending Themes - Nursery Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Alright, you eager beaver decorators! Let's keep this decorating train going! If you thought those first few theme ideas were fun, wait till you dig into these next ones. Buckle up and grab your paintbrush; we’re diving deeper into the whimsical world of nursery themes.

1. Nautical Dreams

Let's set sail!

  • Colors: Think navy blues, crisp whites, and playful reds.

  • Decor: Ship wheels, cute little anchors, and maybe a plushy octopus (minus the ink!).

  • Bonus: A sailor hat for your little captain!

2. Whimsical Woodland

For those parents who love the outdoors.

  • Colors: Forest greens, earthy browns, and some gold for the morning sun.

  • Decor: Cute owls, curious foxes, and soft, furry bear rugs (the non-real kind!).

  • Bonus: How about a tree-shaped bookshelf?

3. Dino-Mite Dinosaurs

If you believe they didn’t go extinct but went to chill in a cool baby's room.

  • Colors: Pale greens, browns, and a dash of fiery volcano red.

  • Decor: T-rexes, triceratops, and maybe a baby pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling.

  • Pro tip: Avoid the T-rex mobile above the crib. We don't want baby thinking T-rex is coming for them!

4. Blooming Blossoms

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

  • Colors: Petal pinks, sunshine yellows, and lilac purples.

  • Decor: Floral wall decals, flower-shaped pillows, and curtains with a delicate floral print.

  • Bonus: Real flowers in a vase (kept out of baby's reach) to bring a whiff of nature indoors.

5. Enchanting Enigmas

Mysteries, magic, and more!

  • Colors: Twilight purples, midnight blues, and starry whites.

  • Decor: Crystals, magic wands, and maybe a cute little witch's hat or wizard's cloak.

  • Remember: It’s a room of enchantment, not spookiness!

6. Superheroes Unite!

Because every baby is a superhero in their own right.

  • Colors: Bold reds, electric blues, and maybe some action-packed yellows.

  • Decor: Capes, masks, and your favorite superhero logos. Maybe even a little cape for baby?

  • Note: Keep it fun and cute. Villains aren't invited to this party!

7. Petite Picasso's Art Studio

For the baby that's bound to be an artist. Or just make a fun mess with colors.

  • Colors: EVERY color! We're making art!

  • Decor: Paintbrush decals, color splash patterns, and artsy furniture.

  • Bonus: An easy-to-clean floor mat because, let’s face it, the first few artworks might just end up on the floor.

8. Vintage Vibes

Taking it back old school!

  • Colors: Creamy whites, muted pinks, and heritage blues.

  • Decor: Vintage suitcases, old-world maps, and maybe a classic rocking horse.

  • Pro tip: This theme gives you a great excuse to dig into grandma’s attic for some genuine vintage treasures.

9. Space Odyssey

“Houston, we have a nursery!”

  • Colors: Deep space blues, comet tails of silver, and nebulous purples.

  • Decor: Stars, rockets, and soft plush aliens (friendly ones, promise!).

  • Remember: It's space, so think BIG and out of this world.

10. Tranquil Tropics

Turn up the heat, tropical style!

  • Colors: Lush greens, vibrant oranges, and sunny yellows.

  • Decor: Palm leaves, playful pineapples, and maybe a flamingo or two.

  • Note: Add some tropical sounds for extra flair. The sound of the ocean or some gentle bird chirping might just do the trick.

So, there you have it, 10 more dazzling theme ideas for your little one's first room. The great part about decorating a nursery is that there's no right or wrong; it's all about your personal touch. Whether you pick one theme or mix and match a few, remember to have fun with it! After all, every good artist needs a little bit of creative chaos.


pastel and muted nursery with crib and furniture - nursery bedroom decorating ideas

Wrapping up Nursery Bedroom Decorating Ideas for You

Decorating a nursery can seem like climbing Mount Everest, but with a bit of planning, creativity, and the willingness to laugh at little mistakes (like that one time when the paint looked more like bubblegum than blush), you’ll create a space that's not only perfect for your baby but also a reflection of your love and excitement.

And always remember, while a well-decorated nursery is a joy, the real magic happens in the memories you create there – the bedtime stories, the lullabies, and the sound of that infectious baby giggle.

If you are ready to move past the nursery on your decorating journey, check out my article, 10 Home Decor Living Room Ideas to Transform Your Space.

Happy decorating, dear parents! And when in doubt, add more pillows.


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