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Welcome, Mama! I'm so glad you've landed on INSIDER MAMA, your trusted space for all things motherhood.


I'm Jen, the heart and soul behind this corner of the internet.

Ever wondered about the face and story behind INSIDER MAMA?

At its core, INSIDER MAMA is more than just another mom blog. As a mother to five wonderful children, my narratives center on the essence of motherhood, my favorite subject, and lived experience.

Does my journey with five kids grant me expert status? Let's laugh at that together! In this dynamic realm of parenting, aren't we all comrades sharing insights, triumphs, and hurdles?

But who's Jen beyond motherhood? A passionate Christian, a wife for 23 memorable years, a spirited entrepreneur, the proud founder of the Eye on Vision Foundation, a local moms group co-leader, and a certified life coach to name a few.

Whew! Just listing that makes me want to grab a coffee. Much like you, I juggle myriad roles with zest and zeal!

Home for me is sunny Orlando, Florida. While I often find myself orchestrating the symphony of my children's activities and managing my non-profit, when it's time for a breather, the enchanting world of Disney calls me. Whether it's the rush from Thunder Mountain or the sweetness of a Dole Whip, Disney World truly is my sanctuary.

But life's not always roller coasters and ice creams. I've faced my share of storms, notably my continuous battle with a chronic neurological condition, Visual Snow Syndrome, for over eighteen years. It's been a tumultuous ride, but it's not defined me.

Here's the truth, Mamas: We all brim with potential waiting to sparkle. Don't dim your light. Embrace your strength and discover the marvels you're capable of.

But enough about my tapestry. INSIDER MAMA is crafted for you. Whether you're a mom seeking camaraderie or someone in pursuit of inspiration, I hope you find a slice of what you're looking for right here. Welcome to our community!

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