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Official Guide to Yes Day Rules



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Hey there, fellow moms! Today, I want to dive into a topic that has been a game-changer in our household: the incredible concept of Yes Day. My two youngest, Brayden and Lacey, are obsessed with the idea of Yes Day. It took me a bit to warm up to the idea, but once I discovered there are Yes Day rules, I was more open to it.

As moms, we often find ourselves juggling countless responsibilities, constantly saying "no" to our children's requests. But what if, for one glorious day, we let go of our inhibitions and embraced a day of pure, unadulterated "yes"? That's right! Today, we're going to explore the incredible power of Yes Day and how it can bring immeasurable joy and connection to our families.

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The Art of Letting Go

Let's face it, moms: we often feel like we're constantly in control, making decisions and setting boundaries! While this is an essential part of parenting, it can also leave us feeling a bit restricted and our children craving more freedom. Yes Day offers us the chance to loosen our grip on control and let our little ones take the reins (within reason, of course!). It allows us to shed the stress and embrace spontaneity, fostering a sense of adventure and creativity in our children.


The Planning Stage

To ensure a successful Yes Day, some careful planning is necessary. Set aside some time with your children a few days before the big day to urge them to develop a list of activities they would like to participate in. It may be as simple as baking cookies or having a picnic in the living room. You are empowering them and making them feel heard by incorporating them in the planning process.

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Saying "Yes" to New Experiences

On Yes Day, be prepared to step outside your comfort zone and say "yes" to activities you might typically dismiss. Whether it's having a family dance party in the middle of the day or creating a DIY obstacle course in the backyard, embrace the chance to try something new. Remember, it's about creating lasting memories and strengthening the bond with your children.

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A Day of Indulgence

While it's essential to set boundaries and ensure everyone's safety, Yes Day allows for a bit of indulgence too. Give your children the freedom to choose their meals (within reason) or let them have that extra scoop of ice cream. Embracing small indulgences on this special day can bring smiles and create a sense of celebration.

Building Connections

Yes Day isn't just about saying "yes" to activities and indulgences; it's about building connections with our children. Use this day as an opportunity to engage in open conversations, listen to their dreams and aspirations, and make them feel valued and loved. You're establishing a secure space for your children to confide in you and feel supported by instilling trust and empathy in them.

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Overcoming Mom Guilt

As moms, we often carry a heavy burden of guilt. We second-guess our decisions and wonder if we're doing enough for our children. Yes Day provides a much-needed respite from these feelings of guilt. It's a reminder that it's okay to let go, have fun, and prioritize joy in our parenting journey. By giving ourselves permission to say "yes" and indulging in special moments with our children, we're actively combating mom guilt and prioritizing our own well-being.


Yes Day Rules

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Yes Day is a special day where parents embrace the concept of saying "yes" to their children's requests within reasonable boundaries. While the specific rules may vary for each family, here are some common guidelines for celebrating Yes Day:

  1. Set a designated day: Choose a specific day for Yes Day and communicate it to your children in advance. This helps build anticipation and excitement.

  2. Establish boundaries: Before Yes Day begins, discuss and establish clear boundaries with your children. Let them know that certain activities or requests may still be off-limits for safety or other reasons.

  3. Involve children in planning: Prior to Yes Day, encourage your children to create a list of activities or experiences they would like to do. This empowers them and ensures their wishes are considered.

  4. Embrace spontaneity: On Yes Day, be open to unexpected requests and activities. Say "yes" to things you might typically say "no" to, as long as they fall within the predetermined boundaries.

  5. Indulge in treats and special activities: Yes Day allows for a bit of indulgence. Consider letting your children choose their meals (within reason) or enjoy special treats like ice cream or a favorite dessert.

  6. Focus on connection: Yes Day is not just about activities; it's also about building connections with your children. Engage in open conversations, listen to their dreams, aspirations, and make them feel valued and loved.

  7. Reflect on the day: After Yes Day, take time to reflect on the joy and happiness it brought. Sit down with your children, talk about their favorite moments, and express gratitude for the experiences shared.

Remember, the rules of Yes Day should align with your family's values and priorities. The goal is to create lasting memories, strengthen bonds, and foster a spirit of adventure and openness.


The Power of Boundaries

Although Yes Day is all about embracing the positive, it's essential to establish clear boundaries to ensure everyone's safety and well-being. Communicate these boundaries with your children before embarking on the adventure of Yes Day and remind them that some things are simply off-limits. This sets the stage for a day filled with fun, while still maintaining a sense of structure.


Embracing Flexibility

Sometimes, unexpected events or circumstances arise, and it's important to adapt and embrace flexibility. If, for any reason, you weren't able to have a designated Yes Day or it didn't turn out as expected, remember that the spirit of saying "yes" can be incorporated into everyday moments. It's the mindset of openness, spontaneity, and connection that truly matters.


Spreading the Yes Day Magic

Now that you've experienced the wonder of Yes Day within your own family, why not share the magic with others? Invite friends over for a Yes Day playdate or organize a community event centered around the concept. By spreading the joy and encouraging other families to embrace this concept, you're creating a ripple effect of positivity and connection within your community.


Extending the Magic

While Yes Day is often celebrated as a standalone event, why not extend the magic throughout the year? Incorporate the spirit of "Yes Day" into your regular routines by saying "yes" to activities that nurture your child's growth and happiness. Whether it's an impromptu game night or a special outing to their favorite place, these small gestures will continue to strengthen the bond between you and your little ones.


Reflecting on the Joy

After the whirlwind of Yes Day has settled and the house returns to its usual rhythm, take a moment to reflect on the joy and happiness that filled your home. Sit down with your children and talk about their favorite moments, the activities that brought the most laughter, and the connections that were strengthened throughout the day. This reflection not only reinforces the positive memories but also provides an opportunity for gratitude and appreciation.


Cherishing the Memories

The memories created during Yes Day are precious and should be cherished. Take the time to capture these moments through photographs, videos, or even writing a journal entry.

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Create a special "Yes Day" scrapbook or memory box that you and your children can revisit throughout the years. These tangible reminders serve as a testament to the love, joy, and connection that were present on that special day.


By wholeheartedly embracing the concept of Yes Day, inspired by the popular Jennifer Garner movie of the same name, we liberate ourselves from the constraints of our daily routines and welcome the enchantment of saying "yes" to our children's wishes. It's a transformative time for building cherished memories, deepening connections, and nurturing a spirit of adventure and openness. So, fellow moms, let's follow in Jennifer Garner's character's footsteps and embrace the extraordinary power of Yes Day, unlocking the immeasurable joy and wonder that await us and our children. Say "yes" and witness the magic as it unfolds in the beautiful tapestry of your family's life.


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