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Beyond Date Night: 25 Creative Ideas for Spending Time Together



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Hey there, Beautiful Mama,

You know how we’re so often in the thick of mom duties? From making sure no socks are eaten by the dryer monster to ensuring the pantry's never out of the kiddos' favorite snacks. In the midst of all this, there's another adventure - keeping the magic alive with your partner. So, whether you're newlyweds or have been together for what feels like forever, here are some easy ways to keep spending time together fresh and fun!

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20 Heartfelt Tips on Spending Time Together in Your Marriage

1. Morning Moments: Sunrise & Sweet Talks

The early bird doesn’t just catch the worm, she catches quiet moments with her partner. Sneaking in a peaceful chat before the world wakes up can set a beautiful tone for the day. Share dreams, discuss plans, or simply enjoy the calm together. It's like a mini breakfast date every day.

2. The Note Hunt: Spreading Love with Sticky Notes

Transform your usual sticky notes into vessels of love! Write a sweet message or a goofy joke and hide them for your partner to discover. Whether it’s inside their lunchbox, on the bathroom mirror, or in their shoe, these small gestures speak volumes.

3. Step & Sway: Living Room Dance-offs

Put on your favorite songs and let loose in the living room. Whether it's a slow dance to a romantic ballad or an energetic shimmy to the latest hit, dancing is a great way to connect and de-stress. Bonus: It's a fantastic way of spending time together and getting in some exercise!

4. Movie Marathons on Your Sofa

Turn a regular evening into a mini film festival. Choose movies from various genres, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch. Share old movie memories, or discover new favorites together.

5. Walk & Whisper: Evening Strolls

Nature has a way of sparking deep, meaningful conversations. A relaxed evening walk can rejuvenate both your mind and relationship. Discuss your day, make future plans, or simply enjoy the serenity together.

6. Grocery Store Fun: Supermarket Scavenger Hunt

Who said grocery shopping had to be dull? Turn it into a playful game. Challenge each other to find the quirkiest fruit or the funniest cereal box. It adds a sprinkle of fun to the mundane.

7. Create & Connect: Dive into DIY Projects

Pick a DIY project to work on. It can be anything from painting a room to crafting or assembling a piece of furniture. It’s not just about the end product but the teamwork, laughter, and spending time together.

8. Drive Down Nostalgia Avenue

Plan a surprise trip to places you both loved in the past. It could be where you first met, had your first date, or simply a place that brings back fond memories. A journey down memory lane can reignite many warm feelings.

9. Flavorful Feasts: Cook a Meal Together

Dabble in the culinary arts together. Whether it's trying out a new recipe or recreating a classic dish, cooking can be a bonding experience. Plus, you get to enjoy a lovely meal at the end.

10. Build a Love Nest: Indoor Forts

Construct an indoor fort using blankets, cushions, and fairy lights. Inside this cozy cocoon, share stories, and dreams, or simply enjoy a movie night. It’s an escape without leaving home.

11. Competitive Fun: Board Game Nights

Pick out your favorite board games and challenge each other. From strategy to simple fun games, these moments can lead to playful competition and hearty laughter.

12. Giggle Gatherings: Seek out the Funny

Choose a hilarious show or stand-up comedy act. Watching it together ensures a dose of laughter, which as they say, is great for the heart and soul.

13. Bucket List Bonding

Dream together! Jot down all the places you'd like to visit, experiences you wish to share, and dreams for the future. Planning these can be as enjoyable as living them.

14. Digital Detox Evenings

Pick an evening to go tech-free. It's a great way to reconnect, focus on each other, and ensure distractions are at a minimum. Rediscover the beauty of simple conversations.

15. Celestial Romance: Stargazing Together

Stargazing provides a beautiful backdrop for deep conversations. Lying down, watching the stars, and discussing the universe can be profoundly romantic.

16. Two’s Company Book Club

Reading a book concurrently can be wonderful. Discussing characters, sharing thoughts, and predicting plot twists can be a fun shared experience.

17. Grow Love: Garden Together

Planting seeds, watching them grow, and nurturing them is symbolic of a relationship. Choose flowers or veggies and enjoy this therapeutic activity together.

18. Puzzle Time: Connect the Pieces

Working on a jigsaw puzzle can be calming. It's an excellent opportunity for chatter, collaboration, and the shared triumph of completing a picture.

19. Sing-Along Evenings

Choose a playlist and have a karaoke session. It’s a carefree way to enjoy each other's company, even if neither of you can hold a tune!

20. Comfortable Silence: Just Be

At times, spending time together in quiet reflection is the most potent form of communication. Embrace those moments when words aren’t needed.


Spending Time Together in 5-Minutes or Less

Ever feel like you're running a marathon but in slow motion? I know, with kids, chores, and what feels like a gazillion other tasks, sometimes spending a whole hour with your partner seems impossible. But guess what? Our fun infographic shows that you don't need hours! Just 5 minutes can do the trick.

5 was to spend time together in 5 minutes or less - spending time together

Start your day with a Daily Compliment Exchange. It's like a morning coffee but for your heart. Compliment his socks, maybe? Or the way he managed not to trip over that toy car (again!). How about a Quick Photo Memory Share after? Just whip out an old pic from your phone. Remember that time before kiddo art took over your fridge? Good times!

Feel the beat with a 5-minute Playlist Dance. Maybe relive that 'funny dance' he did at Aunt Sue's wedding. Laughter guaranteed! And if you're feeling a tad adventurous, dive into the Flashcard Question Game. Think of it as a mini-game show minus the buzzer.

Finally, snuggle in with a 5-minute Gratitude Exchange before bedtime. It's like saying, "Hey, thanks for being my partner in this wild ride called parenting!" Trust me, Mama, spending time together doesn't need a grand stage or hours. Sometimes, all it takes is just a few stolen moments in between diaper changes and bedtime stories.


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Dear Mama, Before You Go...

Life, especially mom life, whirls by in a flurry of tasks. But amidst all that, finding moments, however brief, to cherish your partner, is essential. It isn’t about grand gestures but the little pockets of joy, laughter, and shared dreams. You're doing amazing, and amidst the beautiful chaos, there's always room for love.

Up next, Fun Family Activities for Outdoors.

Keep shining, and remember, love grows in the smallest moments.


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