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Family Church: Building Strong Church Families Through Community



Family and church are two key foundations of society that are interwoven in so many ways. A family church is a group of believers who share a relationship beyond religion, where people can develop in faith, encourage each other, and build a strong feeling of community. In this blog post, we will look at the concept of a family church & how it fosters church communities that help people GROW spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

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What is a Family Church?

A family church is a faith-based community that prioritizes family values and promotes a culture of togetherness. It is a gathering space for members of the congregation to worship, learn, & grow as a family. This style of church values families and aims to establish an environment that promotes good connections among its members.

A family church is MORE than just a place where families can worship together. It is a group of people who want to build strong & long-lasting ties that go beyond the church's walls. This kind of church gives people a chance to meet people who share their beliefs, interests, and points of view!!


The Benefits of a Family Church

A Sense of Belonging: Being a part of a family church gives individuals a sense of belonging and community. Participation, engagement, & investment in the community increase when people feel like they belong.

Support: A family church offers support to its members in various ways, from prayer support to practical assistance. Family church attendees are known for their willingness to help those in need.

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Spiritual Growth: A family church provides opportunities for spiritual growth through Bible studies, prayer meetings, and worship services. Members of a family church can learn from one another and grow in their faith together.

Accountability: A family church provides a system of accountability that helps individuals stay on track with their spiritual journey. Members of a family church can encourage one another to live out their faith and hold each other accountable when they stray from the path.

Family Values: A family church promotes family values and encourages its members to prioritize their relationships with their families. It's a place where people value family bonds and provide support for one another in fortifying such bonds.

Church Families

A family church creates church families that are built on strong relationships, shared beliefs, and a commitment to growth. Church families are not limited to biological families but include individuals who have formed meaningful relationships within the church community. These relationships are based on love, trust, & mutual respect.

Church families provide a support system that is essential for individuals' well-being. Members of a church family can lean on one another during challenging times and celebrate together during moments of joy. Church families give people a sense of belonging that goes beyond the church doors. They also give people a safe place to be themselves.

Church families also provide a space for individuals to grow in their faith. Members of a church family can LEARN from one another, ASK questions, and SHARE their experiences. Church families provide opportunities for individuals to explore their faith & deepen their understanding of God's word.

How to Find a Family Church

Ask Around: ASK your friends and family if they attend a family church and if they would recommend it.

Research Online: Use online resources to find a family church in your area. Websites like Church Finder and Yelp can provide reviews and information about local churches.

Attend Services: Attend services at different churches to see if the community is right for you and your family. Take note of the sermon topics, the atmosphere, and the level of participation and engagement from the congregation.

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Meet with Church Members: Once you have identified a potential family church, reach out to the church staff or members to schedule a meeting. Ask questions and express your concerns or interests.

Participate in Activities: Take part in church activities and events to learn more about the congregation and the neighborhood. This can help you build meaningful relationships with other members and find your place within the church family.


Kids and Family Church

It can be HARD to get kids to want to go to a family church, especially in this digital age when kids are constantly being offered new things to do and distractions. But with the right tools, parents can help their kids love church and GET INVOLVED in their communities.

Start Early:

It's never too early to introduce children to the concept of church and faith. As soon as children are old enough to understand basic concepts. Parents can start talking to them about God. Practice prayer at home. And explain the importance of attending church. This can help create a foundation of faith that children can build upon as they grow older.

If you're looking for a way to get your kids excited about attending church, the DK Illustrated Family Bible is an excellent resource to use at home. This Bible helps children and families understand and enjoy the most notable Old and New Testament stories with its entertaining graphics and easily-read text. The use of original text from the New International Version ensures that children are getting an accurate and reliable interpretation of the Bible, while the superb artworks bring the stories to life and make them more relatable. Additionally, the comprehensive background information, including maps and photographs, helps to contextualize the stories and make them more meaningful. The DK Illustrated Family Bible is a terrific way to teach kids and families about the Bible and get them interested about religion and faith.

Make Church Fun:

Kids are more likely to enjoy attending church if they find it fun and engaging. Parents can help by finding a family church that offers AGE-APPROPRIATE PROGRAMS and activities that cater to children's interests. These may include children's choirs, Sunday school classes, youth groups, and vacation bible school programs.

Attend Church Together:

Parents can set an example for their children by attending church together as a family. This not only reinforces the importance of attending church but also provides an opportunity for families to BOND and CREATE MEMORIES together.

Get Involved:

Encourage children to get involved in church activities and programs. This can help them feel a sense of ownership and belonging in the church community. Parents can help by VOLUNTEERING to assist with children's programs or by encouraging their children to participate in church events.

Connect with Other Families:

Parents can help their children develop friendships and connections within the church community by CONNECTING with other families. This can help children feel more comfortable and at ease attending church, knowing that they have friends and allies in the community.

Use Technology:

Incorporating technology into the church experience can help make it more engaging and relevant for kids. Many family churches offer ONLINE RESOURCES, such as videos, podcasts, and interactive apps, that can help children learn about faith in a fun and interactive way.

The Chosen series has taken the world by storm with its fresh and engaging take on the life of Jesus Christ. "The Chosen: A STORY OF THE FIRST CHRISTMAS", tells the story of the birth of Jesus from the perspective of those who witnessed it. The episode masterfully weaves together the stories of Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men, and even King Herod to create a vivid & emotional portrayal of the events surrounding the first Christmas. I highly recommend watching "The Chosen: A STORY OF THE FIRST CHRISTMAS" for anyone who loves the Christmas story and wants to experience it in a fresh and meaningful way.

Make Worship a Regular Habit:

Consistency is key when it comes to developing a habit of attending church. Parents can help by making worship a regular part of their family's routine. This can help children develop a sense of commitment to their faith & community.

Getting kids interested in attending a family church requires effort and dedication, but the rewards are well worth it. Parents can HELP THEIR KIDS LOVE GOING TO CHURCH and get involved in the community by making church a fun, interesting, and helpful place for them. Whether it's through age-appropriate events, technology, or getting to know other families, there are many things parents can do to help their kids love going to church for life.


People of all ages can come to a family church to pray & learn more about their faith. It's a place where families can meet other people with similar interests and build deep, LONG-LASTING CONNECTIONS. Church families are an important part of a family church because they give people a sense of connection & community. A family church can help parents raise a family in today's world and teach children about God. Church families are a safe place to share joys/sorrows, pray for one other, & help each other. In short, a family church and its church families can be a great source of strength and inspiration for both individuals and families. They can help people grow in their faith and build important relationships that will last a lifetime.


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